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PET sheet extrusion. Recycling. Spare parts.
Since 2011 I am working as a sales professional specializing in the capital equipment business for the recycling and extrusion market segments. As of today, "Ossberger" Ltd. provides sales and marketing services in the territory of Russia and CIS countries, successfully co-operating with industry experts and leading manufacturers who provide state-of-the-art technology-based solutions, adding value to your business.
PET sheet lines and Solid State Polycondensation
Viscotec specializes in processing of recycled PET into thermoforming sheet, 100% suitable for direct food contact without restrictions. Their equipment include viscoSTAR, deCON and viscoSHEET. ViscoSTAR and deCON solid-state polycondensation reactors are designed to clean and increase the viscosity of rPET granules and flakes. They are used after a pelletizer, before the production of extrusion equipment or as an independent installation. The viscoSHEET produces thermoforming sheet up to 100% from recycled PET, 100% safe for consumers.
State of the art Recycling Extruders
Starlinger Recycling Technologies supplies high-tech equipment for processing of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste such as film, fibers, non-wovens, woven bags, etc., as well as the Starlinger PET iV+ technology (bottle to bottle) for production of rPET granules fulfilling highest food grade standards.
Extruders, barrels, screws and elements
Solutions for underwater pelletizing technologies and screen changers
ECON has secured numerous patents since its establishment in 1999.
Company's commitment to continuous improvement and technical development makes them a recognized innovation leader for pelletizing systems. Global producers of virgin resins, compounders, masterbatch manufacturers, and recycling companies all value the quality and efficiency of ECON equipment.
The Indian company STEER specializes in the production of its own twin screw extruders for compounding and the manufacture of barrels, screws, dies and screw segments for extruders of well-known European suppliers of extrusion equipment.
Starlinger viscotec viscoSHEET - INVEMA
Starlinger Recycling Line recoSTAR dynamic105 C-VAC
Starlinger Recycling Line recoSTAR PET 125 iV+ (@ Intercia S.A./Ecuador)
Starlinger Recycling Line recoSTAR PET 165 iV+ (@ France Plastique Recyclage, La Neuve-Lyre/France)
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